Metal Shaping and Forming Glossary / Terminology Reference

We offer this glossary of metal shaping & forming terms to help avoid confusion when describing a desired outcome for a project.

Tees Stem Out Tee - Stem Out
Stem In Tee - Stem In
Stem Up Tee - Stem Up
Beams EZ Way Beam - Easy Way
Hard Way Beam - Hard Way
Angles Leg Out Angle - Leg Out
Leg In Angle - Leg In
Heel Out Angle - Heel Out
Heel In Angle - Heel In
Square Square
On Corners
Channels EZ Way,
Flanges Out
Channel - Easy Way, Flanges Out
EZ Way,
Flanges In
Channel - Easy Way, Flanges In
Hard Way of Web Channel - Hard Way
Bars On Flat Bar - Flat
On Edge Bar - On Edge
Rail Ball Up Rail - Ball Up
Ball Inside Rail - Ball Inside
Ball Outside Rail - Ball Outside
Tube EZ Way Tube - Easy Way
Hard Way Tube - Hard Way
On Corners Tube - On Corners
Pipe Pipe

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